Sightseeing in Varna, Bulgaria

The Varna Aquarium is inseparable part of the Institute of Fisheries and Aquacultures. The construction was built in 1911 and the aquarium started functioning in 1932. It displays about 25 marine species, 20 fresh water species and 22 decorative fi sh species. The arched halls illustrate the history of the exploration of Black Sea, collections of invertebrates living in the Black Sea and scallops from many seas. In the park in front of the Aquarium a miniature model of the Black Sea has been built.

Varna zoo is situated in the Sea garden, near Russian Monument. The fi rst inhabitant was the fox Milka. It was given as a present to "Parks and gardens" in 1950. At that time there wasn't a real zoo. In 1955 the fox escaped. The fi rst inhabitant of the new zoo was a bear, named Maksim, а present from the sailors of "Georgi Dimitrov" destroyer in 1956. The bear was tied to a tree until 1958 when the zoo construction began. After that Varna hunting association delivered diff erent animals and birds, as well as monkeys from India and others. The zoo was opened for visitors in 1961 and became a favorite place for adults and children.

Varna cathedral
One of the symbols of the city of Varna is the large Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin. It is situated in the very heart of the city and is well known as a place for appointments and landmark for tourists. First stone in the foundations of the building was put by king Alexander Batenberg in 1880. After the ceremony the king gave amnesty to all the prisoners from Varna prison with three mounts left to the end of the term. The cathedral was built for 6 years and the stones from the old city wall were used. It is topped with golden onion domes, which alleviate the sombre, blocky appearance of its main body, the church is a much-cherished symbol of the city, second in size only to the Aleksander Nevski Memorial Church in Sofia.

Archeological museum
Founded on 3 June 1888, when a museum, part of the City Library was established, the Varna Archaeological Museum is situated in a historic building designed in the Neo-Renaissance style by the noted architect Petko Momchilov and built in 1892–1898 for the Varna Girls' School. It became state property in 1945 and since 1993 the museum occupies all of the building, parts of which it has used since 1895. One of the largest museums in Bulgaria, it features 2,150 m2 of exhibition area and displays objects from the prehistoric, Thracian, Ancient Greek and Ancient Roman periods of the region's history, as well as from the times of the medieval Bulgarian and Byzantine Empires, the Ottoman rule and the Bulgarian National Revival (including about 900 medieval and Revival icons).

The Roman Baths
They date back to the time when the region was a part of the Roman Empire and the settlement was called Odessos. The preserved parts of the building give grounds to believe that the roman Baths were one of the largest buildings in the eastern part of the Empire and a proof for the wealth and importance of the town. The height of the domed construction is supposed to have been no less than 20 m. The building was constructed in the second half of the 2ndcentury on an area of about 7000 square meters and was in use until the end of the 3rd century. Its thick walls were blocks with 5-6 layers of solid clay bricks.

Dolphinarium Varna
The Dolphinarium is a unique attraction facility, lying amidst a green landscape in the northern part of the Sea Garden in Varna, allowing a magnifi cent view to the sea. It was opened on 11 August 1984, and since then it has been one of the symbols of Varna and tourism in Bulgaria. Dolphinarium is a favorite spot in the sightseeing program of all tourists visiting the Black Sea. At present there are 6 dolphins - 2 male and 4 female - Kimbo, Doli, Popi, Yoana and Bimbo; 3 of them were born in Dolphinarium Varna.

Attraction Park "Aquapolis" – the most beautiful water park in Eastern Europe, is the fi rst one in Bulgaria, established in a unique Mauritian Mediterranean style. It is located in the northwestern section of "Golden Sands" tourist resort, on the main road from "Riviera" tourist resort to "Albena" tourist resort. The water park is situated in the forest, sporting a unique sea-view and the whole tourist resort. Established on an area of 40 000 square meters, he combines a natural park environment with a series of artifi cially created elements – pools, water slides, Jacuzzi, fountains and waterfalls, ancient towers and ruins.